B1 Legacy of the Unknown PDF

B1 Legacy of the Unknown PDF
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NOTE: This is a PDF only item. Select PDF option in shipping. B1 Legacy of the Unknown is a 72-page super module. Many years ago, the wizard and warrior left the sanctuary of their newly-constructed home - Quasqueton! In the decades that passed, many foul creatures infested the underground sanctuary and evil permeated the lands. Now, nearly 50 years after the inexplicable disappearance of the famous duo, a group of adventures have cleansed the infernal denizens from Quasqueton. The adventurers made several discoveries about the former owners. The wizard and warrior, once heroes in the local area due to their thwarting of a barbarian horde invasion, left the safety of their new home in search of a barbarian treasure horde that lay hidden within a ruined city and home of the barbarianís god. Armed with a partial map and vague references in the wizardís journal, the adventurers set off toward the north. A land still wild with monsters and barbarians. Only in those dark lands will the PCs discover the Legacy of the Unknown. This adventure can be played as the sequel to the adventure module In Search of the Unknown by TSR, Inc., or on independently.

This 72-page super module is designed for six to eight characters of second to fourth level using the first edition game rules.