Q1 The Screaming Temple 5e - PDF Only

Q1 The Screaming Temple 5e - PDF Only
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The Screaming Temple: The temple arose in the span of a single night! Tall walls hide a mysterious temple steeped in obscurity. Rumors of incredible wealth, abhorrent evil, and dark magic swirl about its secretive walls. The authorities have shown no interest, yet rumors persist. No priests have been seen, no markings adorn its walls...in fact no person has come out or gone in. The only signs of life are the occasional nightmarish screams that shatter the night.

This Quick Play™ adventure is designed for 4 to 8 characters of 1st to 2nd level. The scenario requires the use of the Fifth Edition Fantasy rules system. Quick Play adventures are designed for a single game session and come complete with everything you need to play including monster reference charts for ease of use for the DM.