R1-2 The Great Race - PDF

R1-2 The Great Race - PDF
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For centuries uncounted the great pharaohs have hosted the annual race – simply called The Great Race. Thousands of entrants from near and far descended upon the desert kingdom annually for a chance at golden riches and a permanent place on the Stone of Champions. The course covered hundreds of miles through farmlands, forests, deserts and mountain passes and marshes. As varied the terrain so were the routes taken by the horde of racers. If the race brought a thousand contestants it brought tenfold that number in spectators. The Great Race was unequalled throughout civilization. Then it ended. The Pharaoh Ahknallin (the sixth) and his younger brother, Totenkinen (the third) entered the race, which was not customary, and to the contrary unusual. Stranger still they entered separately and not as team which was a standard for royal entrants. The brothers were best of friends and rumor spread that the winner would seek the hand of princess of a neighboring realm. Ahknallin crossed the finish line (in 543rd place) but Totenkinen never arrived. The loss of the young prince was tragic, but death came to many racers and on some occasions less than 50% of the entrants survived at all. The loss of royalty was rare, but not unheard of and a search ensued. The prince was never found. Ahknallin had indeed won the hand of the princess, but lost his brother. Many said his grieving was eternal and the next year the Great Race was no more. That was more than 100 year ago. Now, the Horn of Rah has been recovered and the Great Race on! The Great Race is an adventure designed for 4 to 8 characters of 5th to 7th level. The scenario requires the First Edition Advanced rules and is compatible with the OSRIC™ rules system.