TM2 Storm over Skyreach PDF

TM2 Storm over Skyreach PDF
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NOTE: This is a PDF only item. Please select PDF as your shipping method at check out. There are whispers that a storm dragon has returned to the mountain kingdom. Soon the whispers will spread and terror will fill the hearts of the people. The king must act fast and your group is the tip of his spear. You must find a way to ascend Skyreach Mountain and penetrate the keep of a missing wizard to find the secret of the Storm over Skyreach!

Storm over Skyreach is a tournament adventure that was originally held at Gen Con™ 22 in 1989 and released again at the 2011 North Texas RPG Convention. It is designed for use with the First Edition Advanced game system and compatible with the OSRICtm system. The scenario is designed for six to eight characters of 5th to 7th level.