TM4 Legacy of the Forbidden City PDF

TM4 Legacy of the Forbidden City PDF
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NOTE: This is a PDF only item. Please select PDF as your shipping choice at check out. More than 50 years ago a band of daring adventurers found and explored the mythical Forbidden City. The group defeated many dangers within the ancient ruin including an evil and powerful race of snake-men. For several years thereafter, other expeditions ventured into the dark jungle to unlock hidden mysteries and treasures with the new-found city. But little more was found and the snake-men had vanished. Now, something is again stirring within the Forbidden City. An unseen menace has called hundreds of lone adventurers to the rift city and none have returned. It is one of those “called” that your party pursues. And the path has led inexorably to the Forbidden City.

Legacy of the Forbidden City is sequel adventure to the classic module of similar name. The module is designed for the First Edition game using six to eight characters of fifth to seventh level. The adventure was originally designed as a tournament for use at the fifth annual North Texas RPG Convention. While all the tournament notes are included, the module is designed for standard play.